Easy way to take.

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A father was busy reading his favourite magazine and his little daughter was every now and then distracting him.

To keep his daughter busy, he took out one page on which the World Map was printed. He then tore the page into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together again.

Having done this, the father was now convinced he would read his magazine without any disturbance as it would take his daughter the whole day to get it done.

But the little one came back within two minutes with the perfect map…………!!!

The curious and confused father asked her how she could do it so quickly??

She giggled and said,
“Oh…Dad, there is Amitabh Bachan’s photo on the other side of the paper, I made His face perfect to get the map right…!!!

Moral of the story:
In life there is always the other side to whatever you experience.

When ever we come across a challenge or puzzling situation,
look at the other side, you will be pleasantly surprised to find an easy way to tackle the problem…!!!


Marriages in India, dowry system, and the Improvement!!

Terms and conditions for marriage in India opens up a book of lists of dowry, family statuses, background, income, caste, religion, color, kundli and after all hustle it shall be checked if any bond is left between couple.
Marriages in India are very expensive projects due to lot of dowry (car, plots, jewelry, rings and clothing and jewelry for relatives, tv, fridge (a list that can reach to infinity) , noise pollution, food wastage etc, in fact marriages of politicians, business icons like mittal’s and ambani’s costs from 200-500 crores as if they have to win race of being the biggest richie rich irrespective of the dowry laws and poverty stricken outside their own locality, their own factory workers that have been so hectic in their schedule, no holidays but still there is nothing for them rather than 500-5000Rs bonus on diwali just to finish the stuff and complete the formalities!! NGO’s, schools are used to convert their black money, thousands of crores bucks are recieved by baba ji’s in the form of secret donations by politicians and businessmans which is then converted into white money and is used to invest in real estates. We always overlook the money they waste but feel pathetic when see a beggar and say about the mars mission ( I know majority takes it as pride) !! Hey but wait that stuff can be controlled one could be a little hatke (different) and may be that one is you! A part of money that you earn or atleast the overexpenditure in weddings etc could be used for a good cause like for raising an orphan, contribution for some poverty stricken and physically challenged people etc  because their prayers will help the couple in every part of life.


       Also do not ask for dowry man! daily newspapers are full of such cases which shiver everyone from inside!! Do you want your own sister to be teased for dowry?
Price hike etc has rather made it difficult to raise a small family and in metro cities it is even more difficult to feed your family from work to mouth, price tags of all stuffs have been raised tremendously and please don’t bother to ask about eatables even common man’s daal chawal tamatar are out of reach, now just smell them and use your superpowers to kill hunger!
Guys infact quality education is also expensive now days, government has schools but when you go for higher education there is no option left rather than a loan else sell your kidney to make your kids study and meet other expences and still we are asking a girl’s parents for dowry, guys instead you can ask for educated girl so that their families can make their girls study not expell them from schools to full fill the demand of dowry. Dowry is the major cause of harms that are caused to a lady or girl (think it you will understand yourself why! ) killing of baby girl, etc are the results of dowry, no one wants a daughter.. WHY?? because raising her from birth to marriage is full of struggle yeah! First expense of education, fear of harassment or rape, then dowry after that the torture to be experienced by in laws. So guys you decide do you want your own sister or daughter to suffer under this crisis or you will come forward and take a remarkable step that can really change mentality of the society..be your own hero man!
It will be immense pleasure for me if a single person could learn from it!
Thank you.