Shades of blogging

Someone asked me a few days before about my next step to get a 6 digit paying job, well my answer was blogging. Now why do I really think that this thing will pay me well off? I am not a hard core blogger or programmer neither I have any hidden talent that can  hit the market but then I searched and worked a lot and finally concluded that yeah sitting at home and can make my wallet heavy!  So sharing a one stop guide for making money.


#1 Setting up a blog or a site

      Making blog is easy firstly buy a trust worthy domain name which suits your blog, link it with blog or website  creators like wordpress etc. Add a free or paid theme. Add necessary plugins for subscription, comment box etc. Finally you are ready to create your first post. But in order to either check your interest or you really wanna try blogging then start with taking free domain like this with as further extension to it’s name. But remember success comes only after struggle so be ready for it.

#2 Create excellent content to establish real relationship with viewers

      Frankly speaking even if you create the masterpiece blog of century you will get nothing, it would be just as you are speaking in front of your class and nobody listening. But it is the only time to work your patience and go on working hard. It takes time, effort and even money to get traffic to your blog. Either you wait and continue with your work to get traffic or can indulge into someone others blog and write for him, build your own traffic. Like I was reading a guy’s story how he worked for his friend who was running a famous blog. He wrote for him, increased his viewers, as well as created a vast audience for himself. Even before writing his first blog this dude already had over 13000 email subscribers. And that’s really good figure and now he is making 100k USD per month. I am not saying that this happens to all but working hard, creative, and smartly surely pays well.

#3 Way’s to publicize your blog to really make some cash in your pocket!


    See guys creating content and traffic is necessary to make money but you have to work really smart when you have got to hit the market either sell the space on your blog or sell the products yourself. I mean when you can make 3-10x more profit by selling products then why not to sell yours. For selling products it is needed to make efforts, ask subscribers, make surveys on your blog and come out with something that your majority audience demands, work on it and as this is your platform convenience viewers to buy your goods. These could be your written ebooks that teaches playing guitar or sell iphones for your retailer (indirect referrals to your ‘links’ through your ‘links’! )

        This type of marketing has its own profits, firstly your site remains clean so more viewers are attracted. Secondly, you can target the whole audience from medium to multimillionaires. For example majority audience cannot afford your 1000$ product but if only 1-2 products are sold than it is more profitable than selling a cheap product to vast audience. But not to mention quality is provided accordingly and content should be worth spending money. It is the first step to increase sales, build authority and being trustworthy.

    But some of us will likely be calling as we don’t like selling than ponder it for a moment. If you are making money doing what you do, you would be called a “professional.”  And therefore, a professional of any sort, be it musicians, authors, consultants, doctors, makers of widgets is in the business of selling too. They’re selling products, services, art or any number of things.

As a professional blogger, you’ll be selling.

Selling premium content, membership communities can be a great source of income and again saying far better than Pay per clicks like AdSense. During span of time people have developed advert. blindness, moreover sites look like spammed and you will cost your viewers just for few cents! Also these tactics work if you have got very high traffic, which is not possible enough to be realistic these days.

#4 Speak out loud!

       How to attract viewers? how do I follow a blog? Telling from experience and being realistic, the blogs which say more in few words, are logical, interesting are tend to be followed and visited instead of blogs telling shit in their respective era’s. But I should conclude that being to the point doesn’t mean that you should write short content. Large posts tend to attract more viewers and is good for your blog’s health!

       Always write examples, show analogy, covering stats and surveys, diversify interesting content. Always remember you don’t just make an income, make a living from it because if you are passionate about your work you can generate revenue and if it’s a hobby then the revenue can be less but still if it’s worthy and well written it can pay off.

     You need to be yourself. There’s nothing new under the sun, that’s true. Everything online is just a repackaging of what already was there. However, there is no one that can repackage something in the way you can. Tap into your uniqueness. Under these millions and millions of blogs if you wanna show up be unique in your writing, use simple and understandable words yet be creative. If you want to make money blogging, especially a full-time income, you’ll never work harder in your life. But you’ll probably never have so much fun either. Go for it!

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Education system and the iit’s

Luckily got to express my anger in my very first blog about the topic which gave me goosebumps when I think of the future of lakhs of students cramming the books to get inside iit, but unfortunately for these lakhs of hopes there are only a few thousands seats in our so called deemed iit’s. And around 600-700 are vacant every year :?😯. Can’t they do a spot round instead to fill those remaining seats!!! Every year such opportunities are lost by the best brains of the country but they have no option left rather than to join other colleges which lack exposures, opportunities and research but actually the problem is with our system I personally mailed our hrd minister Mrs. Smiriti Irani as few days before she announced to set up 5 more iit’s and in the beginning they will too have approx 550 – 700 seats and this is obviously very expensive project. 😑😯

Does it really worth to spend too much amount when the same no. Of seats can be filled without spending the bulk and giving students the tag and prestige of the old deemed iit’s. Unlike Ism Dhanbad no iit is conducting spot or special round’s, already there are 207 priorities to be filled by the qualifiers of iit jee advanced and moreover reservations based on minorities plays the worst role and the worst part is that no one knows about the scam that was running in iit khadagpur where 25% of seats in M.Sc courses were reserved for the kids of the faculty and many were benifited including the children of iit Bhubneshwar’s current director. So guys I don’t wanna say but you if you think I am lying step forward and Google it. So,
The need of hour is to concern the government over such issues so that they can take decisions wisely for our benifit not their marketing mimicking strategies. 😆;).

Enough for today I think and yeah feeling light after expressing such anguish because I too was among the few students who qualified for iit’s but didn’t get desirable seat but I (actually we) could be luckier to get a good seat if given chance i.e ‘a special round’ could be conducted. But hope for the best may be what happened with me and other fellows shall not happen with you, Mark my words guys marks can’t get you seat in iit’s because iit is bit too confused over the questions it asks as there were around 4 -5 mistakes in question paper previous year and actually every year and you know what with a single mark you can loose the battle with the thousand other students. So be lucky first if you wanna crack IIT JEE 👿








Easy way to take.

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A father was busy reading his favourite magazine and his little daughter was every now and then distracting him.

To keep his daughter busy, he took out one page on which the World Map was printed. He then tore the page into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together again.

Having done this, the father was now convinced he would read his magazine without any disturbance as it would take his daughter the whole day to get it done.

But the little one came back within two minutes with the perfect map…………!!!

The curious and confused father asked her how she could do it so quickly??

She giggled and said,
“Oh…Dad, there is Amitabh Bachan’s photo on the other side of the paper, I made His face perfect to get the map right…!!!

Moral of the story:
In life there is always the other side to whatever you experience.

When ever we come across a challenge or puzzling situation,
look at the other side, you will be pleasantly surprised to find an easy way to tackle the problem…!!!

6 ways criminals use Facebook

Rajashree DAS

1) Account hacking: Hackers use various tools to hack an account. Once hacked, they use the account as a platform to deliver spam and more commonly sell your information. The hackers sell account ids and passwords in exchange for money.

2) Account hijacking: Criminals hijack accounts, i.e, they log in to an already existing account illegally using the obtained user id and password after which they get access to the user’s entire friend list and attain the face of a trusted identity. Account hijacking has accounted to crimes where hijackers have obtained money from Facebook friends on the pretext of being into financial crisis and in need of money. There have also been cases where the victim has been pulled into making some sorts of financial investment.

3) Cloning of profiles: It is the act of creating a Facebook account with the same name and details of an existing user…

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Jose Padua: The Night We Tried to Get a Poet Arrested

Vox Populi

I remember the night my friend and I tried to get a poet arrested
for his crimes against literature, his hiding
of horribly sentimental lines by speaking like a seller
of cheap real estate, those broken down houses
where everything and everyone leaks, in neighborhoods
divided by the tornado roar of long, slow trains, night and day.
It was just poetry, I know, words arranged like a landscape
of dark trees against the, whatever, azure sky,
but why should he escape punishment like the stealers
of poor people’s minority fortunes, the rule makers
who make us break our backs at hard labor
while they sit up high in penthouse suites
eating their feasts, drinking the best wine,
as they sneer at the riff-raff drawing heavy strings
and pushing square wheels along concrete floors
in the moldy basement, thump thump?
We called the police. “There he is,” I said,
“at the…

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